Diet or diet not, there is no try

It’s been about two weeks since my last post – in which I was moaning my lack of fashion sense.  And sadly, no change has come forth in my closet.  Still have the same old clothes, many of which are ones I hang on to thinking that somehow either the 80s will come back into fashion or that I’ll instantly lose 50 pounds.  Yeah yeah I know – I wasn’t even fashionable back in the 80s…but maybe retro will make me cooler this time around.  

But it is time to clean out the closet.  As college professors – my husband and I very much look forward to this time of year.  Our classes are over and we survived finals (although some of our students did not). And our children are still in school for another month or so.  Thus – our new found ‘freedom’ means that deep cleaning of the house must commence.   Hey – we are a wild wild pair!  So the closets are often the first things we go through – where we try to be honest about what we really need to keep.  Just glancing at my closet I figure I’ll be left with 3 pairs of yoga pants and a dress of dubious color and style.

On top of the moaning of my clothes…I’ve complained about my weight.  Part of the wardrobe issue is the deep sense of insecurity about how those clothes fit.  When you start to consider applying Body Glide on the days you’re not running – you start to get a little worried.  Here I’ve been running for over a year and I’m still at the same darn weight I was at when the doctor read me the riot act about my health. Time to download yet another app for keeping my eating in check and tracking my weight. (I’m always downloading the free versions of such apps – I’m cheap.)  So for the past few days, I’ve nursed the chronic plantar pain, typed all my foods into my iPhone, and broken out the Gold’s Gym Cardio Boxing for the Wii.  I’ve also done some slow jogs around the block to get my foot back into the game.

And in the middle of all this came along a great idea…..or maybe it’s just a “better than good” idea. Cause it was Steve’s idea….which I’ve agreed to….for better or for worse.

This morning he offered me the following proposal.  Pick a goal weight.  Make it to that weight and he’ll give me $1000 to buy new clothes.   !!!!!!!!!!!!!

One thousand dollars!!!!!!!!

But hold on there’s a catch (there’s always a catch)….

Steve went on to say – if I don’t make it to the goal weight, I get only $50 for new clothes.  Well that and the joy of failing at losing weight.  Which we already know I am incredibly good at.  So that $50 could totally put me in the running for worse dressed college prof come Fall 2012.   Although I’m probably already on the short list.

What can you do with an offer like that?  You have to take it, right?  We’re talking 1000 dollars.  Sadly – I don’t think all total I’ve spent that on my clothes in the last 4 years or so….if you don’t count in running shoes and such.  (See note above – I’m cheap – and fashion impaired so that explains a whole lot.)

Before I officially agreed to it – I should point out that:

a) Steve is a man of his word.  He offered me 50 cents to drink wine at dinner out of the bottle – perhaps cause he was too lazy to get a wine glass down from the cabinet.  He paid up.  (Again – wild wild pair)

b) Steve has more faith in me than I do.

c) Should I win….I do not intend to blow the money in the clothing section of Target (although that is tempting)….I fully intend to make my sister come to FL to shop with me and improve my fashion sense.  Okay – maybe only the first one.  She can only do so much  in one trip.

I sat and looked the goal I had put into the diet app.  Unfortunately that goal weight is projected to take me till Sept.  By then I’ll be needing more clothes for back to school.

So I counter proposed a different goal weight (roughly 26 pounds less than today) by my birthday (August 5th).   And maybe I can get down to the other goal….but at least this goal would bring my BMI back down from the stratosphere.

So now I’m staring at the calendar sheets I printed out and stuck on the fridge and wondering what the heck I’ve gotten myself into.  But then the next minute I dream about how fast I could run if I could lose 26 pounds.  (I mentioned this deal to a friend tonight at a school event….I summed it up that she and I would need to run a lot this summer cause “I have to run my @$$ off.”  Yup – that will be about 15 pounds of it.)

Then I start thinking about cheesecake…..and then I start thinking about running in just a sports bra rather than my giant old shirts (with holes).  And I think this is a doable idea.  As long as I stop thinking about cheesecake.

And I have to do…..or do not.  There’s no trying about this.  I’ll be 42 on my birthday.  And I’m sick of saying “by my next birthday….”   I’m envious of my running friend who has recently lost a lot of weight. I’m tired of wearing running capris cause my running shorts are too tight.  And I’m not a fan of sportswear that is only made for women who are stick figures. The last one I can’t change….but I certainly can work on the other ones….

I never thought I’d make it a year or more with running.  And yet I am – still running.  So anything is possible… I can and will make this work.

I’m not going to post about any particular diet or such.  I know the rules of the game – eat less, move more.  And log everything you eat.  All three simple things….that get old after about 3 weeks.  But I have about 13.5 weeks to make it work.

Who’s in with me?   (Of course $1000 not guaranteed to anyone other than me.  🙂


7 thoughts on “Diet or diet not, there is no try

  1. Hi Jenn~ Since I am one of those people who looks thin when I wear clothes, I don’t expect anyone to understand… I need to lose 15 lbs. My BMI is high. The doctors have told me all the exercise I can do is to WALK. Okay, I’ve been walking; no weight change. Decided last Monday to stop eating all white foods and I have lost 2 lbs!
    I believe you can win that $1000!

  2. You can do it, Jenn! I will cheer you, celebrate you, hold you accountable and love you through your weight loss journey. I also promise not to offer you cheesecake!

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  4. You can do this in your sleep. Seriously. Sleep burns calories AND very few people eat in their sleep.

    I am on a mission myself. I am cursed with carrying excess weight very evenly so by the time I got to the RIDICULOUS number of pounds I am now it was a total shock. I’m big, but I’m big everywhere so it’s not terribly noticeable. Except to my heart and my lungs and my pancreas and my wife . . . LOL – you get the idea.

    I’ve been doing 3 miles a day on an elliptical machine at 4 miles per hour and am hoping to drop 80 pounds by the time I’m dead if not sooner. My diet is getting better but I’ve burned out horribly in the past so I am trying to make small logical habit changes (so long Reeses you magnificent round little bastards) that I can succeed at long term.

    It sucks and it sure did sneak up but we can do it. We have to. At 52 I’d rather have new problems – this whole fat thing is getting old. Literally.

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