…stir in a dash of health worry and a side of bling…

When I turned 40 last year, I figured my body had just given up.  You know how things tend to break just after the warranty runs out.  Well I figured my body heard “40” (even though I tried not to say it!) and decided to fall apart.  A few months later I braved a well visit at the doctor – to complain about my tiredness, my aches and pains, and such. I wound up with a stern lecture and some scary news about my weight, my blood pressure, and my cholesterol. And an admonition that it wasn’t “40” that did it – but my chronic tendency to give up on exercising after trying for a few weeks.

A few days later I joined my local Curves – beyond growing to enjoy the women there,  I love the fact that there are no mirrors and no men! And wouldn’t you know – the owner and the trainer who signed me up are both runners. And they both constantly talked running with me. After I complained that my weight was not changing, the owner suggested that I needed more cardio than the 1x a week Zumba class at Curves. She pointedly looked at me and said, “You need to try running if you want to make a difference in your body and health.” And she even had unused running shoes to sell me.

High blood pressure aside, I have to say that good health is not nearly as motivating as a shiny medal. Seriously. After my husband’s Disney 1/2, we walked (he stumbled) around Downtown Disney for a little while. Watching all these people wearing the Donald medal given to all finishers was inspiring. I really wanted a pretty medal too. Shallow? Perhaps…but it became the nugget of an idea to get myself in shape so I could EARN one of those on my own.

And here I am….running 3-4x a week. And registered to run a Disney 1/2 in roughly 8 months. And hoping some of my friends join me there.