5+ miles, a dash of chocolate, and a splash of coconut

this morning's fuel

I deplore coconut. I would totally not last on the show Survivor – not because I’m not ruthless but because you often see the contestants hacking open coconuts to drink from.  Blech.

Which is why it surprised the heck out of my husband when I announced that I was going to go to the grocery store in search of coconut water. I had read good things about it on some website and thought I’d check it out for myself. Despite my deep dislike of pina coladas and Almond Joy bars.

Publix (a FL grocery chain) actually had about 3 different brands to choose from. My favorite has turned out to be O.N.E..  The picture above has the GrapeBerry flavor from their Active “line” of drinks. Only 40 calories in the whole container – and frankly rather yummy! I have heard that plain old coconut water tastes like dirty socks….lovely. But I opted to buy the flavored water options. Much more tasty – and less sugary than Gatorade (which I do like).

Thus – armed with a shot of chocolate (Thank you Clif shots) and my Nathan bottle filled with 10 oz of coconut water (that does not taste like coconut) – I eked out a long run this morning (just over 5 miles). Not a great run but not a bad one. But hey – I was out there moving (not super fast but what I was doing could be considered actual running)…get out there and try it yourself. 🙂


This warrants a shopping trip…

What a haul!

The odds of going to the store for a loaf of bread and coming out with only a loaf of bread are three billion to one.  ~Erma Bombeck

I’m thinking that Erma’s quote can be modified for the runner. “The odds of going to the running store for a pair of shoes and coming out with only a pair of shoes are three billion to one.”

Shopping!!  I love to shop (well, except for bathing suits of course…)

Steve and I headed out for a day of errands including a stop at a running store on the other side of town. Fit 2 Run is just a really cool store and if you live near one of their Florida locations – definitely check them out. (Side note: I obviously would not have made that statement just a year ago, but things change….)  Steve had logged almost 500 miles on his old pair of running shoes so a new pair was definitely in order.

Fit 2 Run has two stations to help identify what types of shoes would work best for you. So he first stepped up on the “footsie-tootsie” analyzer (okay not the official name but better than “black box you step on”).  This analyzes how evenly balanced you are, where all your pressure is, and what your arch is like. Can you spot the issue in Steve’s feet?

Analysis of Hubby's Feet

It seems that he has no middle to his feet – just a really high arch. There’s clearly pressure at the ball and heel and just black holes between those two zones! Hence the guy suggested an orthotic insert (of course they sell those).

The next step was analyzing his gait on the treadmill. My husband is not one for treadmills but he managed to pound out a minute or so – while wearing some new shoes they loaned him.

Treadmill time!

After a discussion of his pronation type (I don’t know – I wasn’t paying attention)….they found a few options for him to try on. Found a pair of New Balance that he liked a lot – and they felt even better with the orthotics inside.

Given my recent plantar pains, I asked the guy if I could get my foot analyzed for inserts too.  Turns out that I do not have black holes between the balls and heels of my feet – but I could definitely pick up some inserts to help with my arch support.

Of course one pair of running shoes and two sets of inserts seemed so little when there were so many other cool things to look at in the store. Also picked up all 6 flavors of Clif Shot Gel (razz, citrus, strawberry – Steve; vanilla, mocha, and chocolate – me), 2 dri-fit shirts for Steve and a water bottle for me.

Can’t wait to run on the treadmill when I need some new shoes….but will give the credit card a break for a bit…