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I’m a voracious reader….have a stack on my bedside and another stack on the floor. While I tend to prefer mysteries and other assorted fiction, I’ve found some incredibly inspiring non-fiction books about running and runners. I’ll update as I read more.

  • Books by Dean Karnazes
  • If you’ve never heard of Dean – you are missing out on learning about an amazingly inspiring runner. Actually Dean is known as an ultra-marathoner – that is another word for “crazy person who chooses to run races that tend to be 70 to 100 miles in length”.  He has done things like run 50 marathons in 50 days in all 50 states and recently running from California to New York in 74 or so days. While many of us will never have the biological capacity that Dean has, you can’t help but be inspired by his heart and his stories.
  • Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an all-night runner I was introduced to Dean via an ad in Runner’s World and it led me to his first book. Great read.
  • Run!: 26.2 stories of blisters and bliss This is Dean’s latest book – great stories. Love the one about running a race with his pre-teen daughter.



  • The Perfect Mile: Three athletes, one goal and less than four minutes to achieve it Mind you – I’m never going to run a four minute mile. I’m not sure I could get an 8 minute mile. But the story of Roger Bannister,  John Landy, and Wes Santee working to achieve what was unthinkable to some is amazing. Note: Neal Bascomb is a detailed researcher and interviewed most of the people involved. It’s a dense read – but a really incredible story.


  • I Run, Therefore I am — Nuts! Bob Schwartz is a fast runner but even a funnier writer. If you’ve started running and you need something to laugh at, check out this book. An oldie but still funny.
  • Mile Markers: the 26.2 most important reasons why women run  Kristin Armstrong has a delicate sense of phrasing and beautifully disarming way of reading my mind and turning random bits into amazing prose. Amazingly – I’ve read some comments online where people don’t care for Kristin and her blog (this book is a compilation of some of her posts) – they believe she is too positive and happy and perfect. I don’t get that….yes, she doesn’t focus on nitty-gritty of running and life. She is not a “reality show” writer where she sells the “dirt” of life and a “woe is me” approach. She delves into life with a faith and an attitude that bolster me as a reader….I’m definitely a new fan.

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