The turtles have landed…


The turtles are here, the turtles are here! Stacia and Rob are here…and they love their new t-shirts.  Steve’s particularly proud that the idea in his head has been made real.  I’m an instant fan of the t-shirt store around the corner from us.  Awesome job Big Frog!

Just how slow is Team Turtle gonna be?  Well, I didn’t get in enough long runs, Rob’s still a dragging a little from being sick, and then there’s Mother Nature – who has apparently decided that a warm streak is exactly what Orlando needs this week.  Ugh. Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 8.34.42 PM


Alas – Stacia and I will not be jumping up and down trying to keep warm in the wee hours of the race. We’ll probably be wringing sweat from every nook and cranny. Thankfully we won’t actually be wearing turtle shells.

As we are wrapping up the evening here at Chez Turtle, I asked the group what last comments they wanted to put on the blog for posterity. The only response I got was from Stacia.  And that was, “Hey, get the cat off my bed.”  I’m assuming that is not some great metaphor for how to pace yourself or how to know when to hydrate. I think it’s a comment on the fact that she’s allergic to the cat, but I’m not quite sure.  I’ll just translate it as such: “I am so freakin’ excited to run Disney again with my sister that I can not contain my joy and excitement. This weekend is going to rock.”

And with that, this turtle is crawling in the shell for some rest…..