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I think I have two brains.  No, not just the usual right brain/left brain distinction that we’re all born with.  Instead, it is an entirely other brain that resides within my cranium that occasionally takes over my thoughts and actions. And this I have dubbed my “runner’s brain”.

Now, lest you think that I am suffering from dissociative identity disorder (or multiple personalities) – I am a professional.  I am well aware of the symptoms and I’m quite sure that I’m normal – well as normal as you can be when you are a psychologist, a runner, a mommy of two elementary aged children, and you are allergic to saying no to volunteer opportunities.

But this “other brain” or the “runner brain” tends to do and say things that my normal brain would never consider to be acceptable. This is the brain that:

  • believes I have the body of Kara Goucher and the enthusiasm for running of Mo Farah
  • takes over my feet whenever I am shopping so that I wind up in the workout clothes section even though I have a gazillion running outfits already.
  • is hooked on endorphin rushes.
  • likes shiny medals. A lot.
  • is convinced I will be ready for the 1/2 marathon in November.
  • sometimes dreams about running a whole marathon.  26 point freaking 2 miles.
  • made me wake up on two consecutive Sundays at 6 am to watch the two Olympic marathons. My normal brain is the one that kept my head on the pillow and kept closing my eyes.
  • takes over my mouth and likes to tell people I’m a runner even while I’m stuffing food in my mouth and pulling my t-shirt down over my belly rolls.
  • likes shiny medals.
  • gets a little jolt when friends mention that they feel like they should be running too because I post about running on Facebook. My normal brain says, “Are you people crazy??”
  • set my alarm clock for 4:50 am today and then gleefully forced my body out of bed at that hour against my normal brain’s will.  In defense of my normal brain – it was still sleeping and was caught totally off guard.
  • insisted that I keep running all 3.5 miles this morning.  My normal brain was the one that snuck a few walk breaks in there.
  • keeps skipping around in my head saying “See – you can run that 1/2 just fine.  You just need to keep getting up at 4:50 am. That was fun!  Wheee!”
My normal brain is going to punch out that other brain – after it wakes up from a nap.


2 thoughts on “My other brain

  1. So wish I could get both of the brains I have to just run. I will one day be able to get atleast one side to do it:)

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