Fill ‘er up

There are some people who fret about how much fuel is in their car’s tank. For example, on long car trips with my dad, my mom worries when the gas gauge gets below 3/4 of a tank.  Okay maybe at 1/2 tank. But the concern is that you might not know what’s around the bend so you should keep it filled up while you can. You don’t want to get caught on empty in the middle of nowhere.

My stomach is exactly like that.  It constantly thinks it’s in this state:

  In actuality the gauge is probably more like this:Stupid stomach.

In addition to poor skills at measurement, my body is apparently very bad at subtraction. I mentioned to the doctor that earlier this week I had eaten roughly 1200 calories and burned approximately 400 in exercise that day.  When I stood on the scale the next day, I had gained 2 pounds!  What in the world????  The doctor’s response – you’re not eating enough.

Oh yeah that must be it.

Apparently when I don’t eat much my body is worried that the next gas station isn’t for miles and miles.  So we have to hang onto all the lovely fat – and even multiple it when possible. My stomach isn’t clued into the fact that there is food in the house and it will last for awhile.  Stupid stomach.

But I am trying and I am being good. The loss has stalled for a few days – but I’m determined to get my stomach and body to get with the program.


8 thoughts on “Fill ‘er up

    • Athlete’s diet? Do I have to eat an athlete? I’m not actually an athlete….if you come by and see me lumber around the neighborhood you’ll know quickly that athletic is not a good descriptor of me – or my eating. 🙂

  1. You must have your Mom’s metabolism because I have the same problem. I was told to eat three meals a day and don’t skip a meal because your body thinks you are starving it and then it cleans to the fat. I am with you Hon. We have to win this battle.

  2. I have learned that I can’t win either way, so I just stopped trying to truck my body. I no longer stress about the details. I eat healthy and balanced and in moderation. I forget the rest. When my body doesn’t think I am dieting, it actually releases more. As a result I have lost nearly 10 pounds in 2 weeks. I am not even hungry!

    • Good for you Amber! So the trick is to only let part of my brain know I’m dieting and then fake out my body….:) I wish that worked for me. I’m trying though – really I am.

  3. Actually following the “diabetic” diet helps keep me balanced. But out really is not a diet it is just healthy eating in moderation. I will never be a Barbie but will be happy to be more healthy and able to do more again

  4. I can still get of track easy but always feel miserable so getting back on routine is easier to feel better. Keep working at it Jenn but don’t best yourself up either.

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