Just under a month

Disney is fast becoming a reality….and somedays I’m excited about it and somedays I’m terrified about it. I try to visualize crossing the finish line – my sister by my side and getting that medal.  (Yeah – medal medal.)

Avoid the broom....

But other times, I have to work hard to block out images of me getting swept up for being too slow. You remember the cartoon maid at the end of “The Carol Burnett Show” who swept up at the end?  I’m pretty sure that character is going to be chasing me down Main Street USA wielding a broom and a paddy wagon.  Do they throw you in running jail for being at the back of the pack?  So far back?

Okay I know I know.  That is not likely to happen…. But I’m not quite sure I believe the t-shirt I found on Cafe Press the other day:  Slow is the new fast.  

I don’t really have a desire to run 6 min miles. (Well not really – I am a realist after all.) But I just feel like I should be running faster – after all I’ve been training since February.  Well I started running in February….I didn’t start training training till late summer.

Oh yeah….I’ve not even been running for a year.  This time last year – I was counting down the days till Disney for my husband.  And when the day came for him to run – I ran alongside our daughter in the 200 yard run for kids.  And I collapsed at the end.  That is – I didn’t have the energy to run freakin’ 200 yards.  And now I can manage under 12 min miles.

I should be happy … and I am…and I’m astounded by my transformation into a runner.  And I am going to finish Disney….I know I will. But I need to dig deeper and find some hidden confidence…That’s really what is missing in my runs. I don’t have to be fast – I just need to believe more in myself….and not get swept up in self-doubt.

Wish me luck….and just a touch of speed….

3 thoughts on “Just under a month

    • Excellent – now just be sure to yell “Go!” And have a first aid kit nearby just in case!

  1. I will have a “first aid” kit available for you. I also have a pretty good knowledge of the Reddy Creek paramedics… Will so seriously cheer you on and maybe take a blackmail photo… 😉

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