Dusting off the cobwebs….

So the first sign you’ve neglected your blog is that there are 101 spam comments to tag and delete.

The second sign is that gnawing feeling in the pit of your stomach.  It’s as if there’s a pile of laundry on the floor in the corner that you set there on Sunday.  You think, “I’ll put that in later today.”  Then you walk by it again and again.  As you head for bed that night, you think, “Gee – too much to do today – laundry tomorrow for sure.”  And this repeats itself for a few days before you’re reduced to no longer even glancing in that corner for fear you’ll have to look at and confront the pile of unwashed laundry. You’ve reduced yourself to wearing clothes that hang in the closet as “just in case” sort of items because you’ve just not had the time/energy/ability to get the freakin’ laundry done.  Then finally a few weeks later you just have to sit down and sort out the piles and deal with it.

This is me – dealing with it.  🙂

I have 6 weeks or so until the Disney 1/2.  I have 5 days till the Turkey Trot in Myrtle Beach. And I have an arch support on my foot, a frozen water bottle under the foot, and a borrowed plantar night brace by my bedside. Yup – it’s been a bit hairy around here.

Two weeks ago I ran 8 miles on a Saturday am.  Ran 5 with two friends and the last 3 miles were just 2 of us.  Felt okay – not a great run. But then spent the next 9 hours or so on my feet with the family. By the time we got home, I had to crawl from room to room the pain in my foot was so bad.  Plantar pain can be incredible.

I’ve taken it easy, hobbled around, and done very little running beyond a mile here or there. So I’ve just avoided all thoughts of Disney lest I cry and cry. But today I managed to get myself out for 4 miles. Ran with two others – including newly crowned Ironman Maria.  I swear – I need to tape her comments and have them playing in my iPod when I run Disney (for I will run Disney and I will finish – cause Maria told me so in no uncertain terms.) Hearing her Ironman story is amazing enough – but she is also now ready to rock the motivational speaker world. And she really won’t let anyone tell her that they can’t do it. So I did it.

4 miles that is.  Not great, but not horrid. The worse was feeling more out of shape than feeling like my foot wouldn’t hold up. So that’s good. And it’s been rather not bad all day since.  Which is encouraging.  Cause I intend to mostly run the 8K Turkey Trot. It’s a mental thing.  And by the end of it, Maria tried to get me to commit to running the Disney Goofy in 2013.  HA HA….that’s running the 1/2 on Saturday and then getting up to run the Full Marathon on Sunday.  I’m thinking all that “You are an Ironman, Maria” has seriously scrambled her brains….

Anyway I’m starting to get back in the saddle again – just to mix my physical activity metaphors. My other reason to avoid blogging about running (and my recent “lack thereof”) has been health issues.  Largely – my ever increasing cholesterol. Damn damn damn. All this running and all the chia seeds I’ve eaten over the past 6 months and still the numbers go up. So I’m fighting genetics here and losing – and now I’m at the point where I had to buy a weekly pill case for the blood pressure meds and cholesterol meds.  Lovely.  The doctor has suggested trying to investigate a few other things but we’ll see if those pan out at all.

Meanwhile – my run this morning was really what I needed….a kick in the pants to look forward to Disney and not be a negative Nellie…..but look forward to finishing  – even if I’m crawling my way across the finish line!

And blogging my way forward as well…..