They’re still here….

the fish that is…..We still have 2 fish left.  (If you missed my previous non-running but definitely funny post about our family’s attempt at keeping fish click here.)  Short version of the story – we had lots of fish and fish funerals all in a short amount of time.

The update – we still have 2 fish. Alive. And swimming. And I’m not sure exactly how.

Every other day or so I remember the fish – one in each kid’s room. And I’ll ask, “Have you fed the fish in the last 24-48 hours?”  The answer is usual…”OH I forgot.”  To which I respond, “And this is why we can’t get a dog….”  But they usually aren’t listening to me anymore.

So I dutifully feed the fish – when I remember. I’m not sure that there has ever been a documented case of fish living forever despite gross negligence. Maybe I should contact the Guinness people in case there’s a category we’re in the running for….

Meanwhile, our son has been making the case for more pets. Specifically a hermit crab, a rat, or a bird or possibly stink bugs. Yes stink bugs. Our daughter wants a white bird to name “Angel”.  I want a maid and a pet sitter. So it’s likely that none of us will get what we want.

On the plus side – my blog seems to continue despite gross negligence this last week or so.So maybe there is something to this whole “ignoring things” and they’ll still work out in the end….although laundry appears to be the exception to that exceptionally fine rule.