Thank you Steve Jobs.

I didn’t know that I needed a small digital music player to play my tunes and encourage me when I run. But you did.

I didn’t know that I needed apps that could set interval timers for me. But you saw that potential.

I didn’t know that I would be able to run with that digital music player strapped to my arm while it also kept track of my pace, my distance, my training. But you had a vision of that possibility.

When I was a kid looking at my first Commodore 64, you were already thinking beyond that box and what else it can do. And now, decades later, I sit with my MacBook Air on my lap, blogging about my running.

When I’m out running now, my kids can be entertained by friends like Buzz, Woody, Mater, and Nemo thanks to your vision, your capital, and your willingness to let people like John Lassiter do what they do best.

While I’m slow to posting my thoughts on your passing, the speed with which my words are read by so many other people is thanks to the fact that so many interactions with the internet are enhanced by Apple products.

When I run, I often think about those who inspire me. Thank you for the inspiration to reach beyond what is now and look to the future that we can’t even imagine yet. May I remember to always strive to go beyond my current best and beat it, whether it’s running or living.

RIP Steve Jobs.