Feeling better

Ran 8 miles this morning……yeah that’s right 8 freakin’ miles.  My longest run to date.

Started as a group run for 4 miles at 6 am. BRRRRR  It was 49 degrees out there at 5:40 as I drove to the park.  Remember – this is Florida – we don’t do cold real well here. So I had a long sleeve tee on – but not a tech one. I really have no cold weather workout clothes….guess it’s time to go shopping. 🙂

Anyway – first 4 miles was good – having the group helps me so much – mentally and physically. I don’t want to embarrass myself so I work hard to keep up. And it really is great to sort of draft – mentally and physically.  I don’t think about my pace or walking – I just go.

At the end of four miles we were back at the cars and everyone was ready to leave. So I took 3 min to change to a short sleeve tee (man it got hot fast!) and down some jelly belly beans (yum) and off again for another loop.  (Gotta love living in an area where all the subdivisions are connected by a 4 mile loop. Tons of runners and bikers use it daily.)

I honestly don’t know what I thought about much of the next 4 miles.  I remember feeling strong and actually running more than I would have anticipated. Lately I’ve been taking so many walk breaks that I wasn’t sure I really qualify as a runner anymore.  My attitude’s been poor and I don’t know what’s really come over me.  Maybe it’s that time of the semester – too many papers to grade – too far till Christmas….but it’s a busy crazy time that seems to have no end in sight.  Maybe that’s what has translated into my running rut.

So today is exactly what I needed…..a great run where I felt strong, I felt like going farther (but I wisely remembered to get home so hubby could go run), I felt like I had a good pace and that I wasn’t just dragging.  And I got to see the sun rise…..what an awesome awesome morning.  I hope you all have a good run like that sometime this week.