“…better than falling back.”

When I came up with the name for this blog – I just sort of pulled it out of the air. I wanted it to be “Confessions of a Former Nonrunner” – but Steve said that sounded like a description not a title. So somehow I just came up with “Stumbling Forward” right then and there – no idea what inspired it. But as I’ve written I’ve realized that I like the name – it describes how I sort of feel about how my running is improving as well as how I sometimes feel in those crazy mommy days when the laundry is piling up, the kids have to be in two different places, and dinner is still not defrosted. I just kind of stumble along until bedtime.

But I got a reminder yesterday that I was paying too much attention to the “stumbling” part and not enough to the “forward” part.  I started following @GoSportID on Twitter and got a nice mention from them:  “@formernonrunner Thanks so much for the follow, stumbling forward is always better than falling back.”   Okay – cool to get a mention from a new company – but more importantly – the reminder I got.  The direction in my blog title is clearly the more important part of it….and it’s also the right direction to be moving in.

As for GoSportID – cool sounding new company.  I read about the id band via KatieRunsThis‘ review. First off – give her a follow on Twitter (@katieRUNSthis) and then go read her blog.  Great stuff there.  Her review of GoSportID’s new product makes me want one. (And she’s giving one away this week (please pick me!) – check her out and how to get one.)

If you don’t have id on you when you run (or bike) outdoors….consider getting something. You never know if bad luck is just around the corner and someone is going to need to get you help or get you home.  I (hanging head here) do not have an id band….yet.  I do have my name and info in my iPod and tucked in my handheld water bottle – but clearly those could go flying should a car hit me. So I’m looking forward to GoSportID’s official launch this month.

And if you do have another brand of sports id – isn’t capitalism awesome?  We get choices! There’s not just one type of water bottle, or one type of running shoe, or one type of energy gel. We all can pick our favorites….and I’m sure from Katie’s review that many will make GoSportsID their new fave.  Welcome GoSportsID – looking forward to checking out your product! And thanks for the reminder about the direction we all should be moving in!