We’re going to need more bananas…

Steve and I are putting together our plans for Disney Marathon weekend 2012. That is – our training plans for success at Disney. And it brings up the age old question….how do you balance two runners, two kids, two jobs, and all of those other details of life? Who gets to run when and how many days?

Steve’s medal from the Disney 1/2 2011 hangs in his office…waiting to be joined withhis Disney Marathon 2012 medal. So that means mileage – and lots of it between now and January. He’s been researching all sorts of training plans online  – run/walk ones, three days a week, four days a week, five day a week, plans that include track runs (which we have little access to), plans for 28 weeks, plans for 18 weeks, plans for 13 weeks…..it’s pretty incredible to consider how many people have “the right plan” for producing a successful marathon run.

I’ve been much more laid back about planning for the 1/2…..My plan is to follow Galloway’s plan for “experienced runners” “to finish”. (Here’s the link to Jeff’s plans for the Disney weekend.) The plan is for those who have been running for 6 months or more (a category I squeak into by next month). I like that it’s 3 days a week and the long mile days seem do-able to me.  Even though one day is a 14 miler! The plan starts the week of August 29th….just over a month to go.

The large challenge will be making the time for all this running. I’ll probably stick to early morning runs during the week (except on days I have to leave early for work). And Steve can manage his runs before work as I’m getting the kids off to school. But the real issue comes on long run days. I’m starting to think that on Saturdays it will get a bit old for the kids if Mom and Dad alternate going out for runs all day. (We’re just fortunate that our kids sports do not involve games or matches on Saturdays…..so far….)

I guess we’ll have to be a bit flexible in our long runs.  Saturday nights or Sundays or some other times might be more feasible one some weeks. So we might have to make run plans on a week by week basis.

No matter what the plan details – we’re definitely in for a lot more laundry and will be needing more bananas (for Steve) and coconut water (for me) and gels (for both).