I’m actually enjoying this running thing…

Monday’s run of almost 3 miles was hot. Florida hot and Florida humid. And that was at 6 am. The air was heavy, my legs felt weak for a while. But I kept going and worked out the kinks for the most part. I keep telling myself that the “humidity training” will pay off…someday.  The same thing happened this morning….another humid morning….and just over 2 miles.  And kinks in the right knee to start with.  But I just kept working it out.

But the thing that struck me about both runs were that they just felt right. Not right as in buckets of sweat are enjoyable. Not right that I wouldn’t have preferred to stay in bed snuggled next to my husband. But right in that running is something I *gulp* like to do, despite the humidity and the sweat and the thin line separating the two. I really enjoy pushing the pavement and being active.  Something I really didn’t expect, I must confess.

When I started this journey, I was following the Couch to 5K program.  (I recommend it – it’s really well done.) And I was woefully bad at this whole moving forward thing.

Around week 3 of the program – I had a horrible day. The app I used to keep track of my progress allowed for Facebook posts. So that day I posted my completion of that day’s run and commented something to the effect of “is this what running is about? Cursing, crying and praying all the way home?” I was rather miserable about it all. The specifics of why that run was so bad escape me now. I just remember thinking I’d never get up the mild incline in my flat neighborhood….I was out of shape and in a bad mood.

Much to my surprise, I had many facebook friends comment that “it’s okay if you quit this running thing.” What???  The comments kept coming…friends (both runners and nonrunners) were posting their permission (and encouragement) for me to give up after only 7 days of trying. Really?  Our daughter is a picky picky eater…so we are well aware of the rule that you need to try a food about 12 times before you really decide if you like it.  So if it takes that long to develop tastes, how can I decide about running so quickly?

Frankly – their reactions really torqued me off. So I seethed a little bit to myself (and vented to my husband)…and I came to the stereotypical moment of “Well, I’ll show them.” Inspiration to continue as a result of being pissed off at well-meaning friends.

Frankly I’m glad I didn’t listen to them. I don’t truly know if they wanted me to quit or just thought that was the validation I was seeking with my comment. (I wasn’t – I was just grumbling for the moment.) So maybe it was better that they said what they did…..and that I got mad and hung in there. Cause otherwise I wouldn’t have had such enjoyable mornings all these months later.