Random Friday musings

Happy birthday to our curly-headed daughter….6 years old today!

One of the reasons I am running – to get rid of the last of that 6 yr old baby fat.

Been invited to go running with a friend and her running friends tomorrow am.  I’m afraid I’m going to throw up. I’m afraid I’m going to get left behind….scratch that – I KNOW I’ll get left behind….I’m afraid they’ll laugh at my slow pace.

Buried two more Rosy red fish today….as K said, “No one’s fish is supposed to die on their birthday – never mind 2!”  That brings the whopping total of dead fish this week up to 7. There’s a lesson in there for sure…..but I’m getting better at eulogies for fish….and I’m hoping the remaining 3 stick around for a bit longer.

Ran for 35 mins or so this morning.  Felt really strong….good run.  Sorry I didn’t go farther.

I hate when I disappoint people….been one of those kind of weeks.

Off to go celebrate with our 6 year old…..and fret about tomorrow’s run.