Must be the humidity…

Our 5 1/2 year old daughter’s hair is a pile of messy, glorious curls. She was bald for forever (evidence – her 1st year pictures) and then from a naturally occurring short pixie style sprung forth a tangle of curls when she was about 3 or 4. We joke that she seems taller because her hair grows up and out rather than down.

Everyday I manage to detangle it and bring some semblance of cascading wonder to her head. And usually, within an hour or so, it has reverted back to a fabulous mass of irrepressible curls going every which way it wants. It’s the kind of hair that drives grandmothers nutty. During grandma’s recent visit, the complaint was “grandma tries to comb my hair EVERYTIME I leave the house. You only comb it two times a day.” I tried to explain that grandmas are like that – battling the never-ending battles and that my own grandma had a knack for chasing me with barrettes that she liked to jab into my big 80s style hair.

But alas – the humidity takes hold and her hair does what it wants to do – no matter how much time or product we’ve put into the effort.

I’m convinced the same is true of my body.

While I’m not a mass of curls – I’m certainly jiggly in certain locations and a bit flabby in others.  Yet, when I run, I can feel and even see muscles in places they’ve never been before. I feel strong and capable. I no longer huff and puff but manage to sometimes sing along with the iPod during portions of my run. My butt seems less wiggly and other parts seem firmer. My body has become, while not on par with that of an elite athlete, somewhat fit. And it feels good.

And then a few hours later, the magic of all the effort and sweat has somehow worn away. Sure I could take off running in a blink….but as I pass by a mirror, I catch a glance of someone who definitely does not look like she runs. The muscles have tucked themselves away behind curtains of bumps and curves and any proof that I was capable of participating in any sports seems to have gone the way of my daughter’s neatly combed tresses.

I’m sure it must be the humidity.

Perhaps I should apply the grandma logic – that is to tackle the problem head-on constantly.  Comb, rest, repeat.  Run, rest, repeat. Yet constant combing and constant running both seem a bit illogical and quite impossible.

I think I’ll stick to our current schedules for both hair (2x a day) and runs (4x a week). We’ve both seen flashes of success with this pattern. And maybe one day K’s hair will be mostly tame and my body will be mostly fit.

Stupid humidity.