Gobble Gobble…

I’ve become one of “those” people who run. That is to say – I’ve actually starting checking the dates and locations of my family’s travel plans on Active.com for any local race events. Who does this?

But the fun news is that I think I’ve convinced my sibs and their spouses and at least one nephew to join us in a Turkey Trot for our first Thanksgiving altogether in ages. My sister and her husband are good runners, my sister-in-law has to dust off her running shoes, and my brother (who is an athlete but not a runner) has asked me for info on the Couch to 5K program.  And grandparents will corral the kids.  Just how cool is it that we can do this together as a family? I’m so excited.

Last Thanksgiving, my parents visited us and we all went to see my husband run a local Turkey Trot 5K. Our son ran the kids race. At dinner just last night our daughter spontaneously asked, “Can I run the Turkey Trot this year with you, Daddy?”  How can you resist such cuteness?

My parents live close enough to Myrtle Beach and my online searching uncovered two “dueling” Turkey Trots scheduled there. One boasts a 10K and a 5K and the other has an 8K and a 5K. Both have a kids run. We haven’t decided which one yet (although you kinda gotta vote for the surfin’ turkey logo!) but it might be a matter of how easy they are to get to. If anyone has knowledge of the races and their pros and cons, please let me know.

My sister-in-law mentioned that the challenge to the plan will be their 1 year old daughter but mostly their 10 year old son (who prefers not to awake before noon). I’m the mean aunt, so I’m thinking both will just get dumped in the car despite any protests. 🙂 And maybe the 10 year old will be bribed by Aunt Jenn with an iTunes gift card or something.

How lucky I am to have an awesome family….how blessed we are to be able to be active together and enjoy each other’s company.  Now I’m even more excited about our Thanksgiving plans…Gobble gobble.