3 miles of musings….


FL humidity getting worse….but I still slogged it out today at about 7:30 am. Clearly I need to get back to the 5 am slot … maybe…

Yesterday I started reading “Mile Markers” by Kristin Armstrong. I’ve read a few of her blog posts at Runner’s World and am drawn to her beautiful phrases. This book is a nice way for someone new to her blog to get a great read on her style and thoughts.

One of the topics she writes about is how friendship and running go hand in hand in her world. Most (all?) of her runs are with her girlfriends and those in her running group.

I pondered this as I pounded out 3 miles by myself this morning. As usual.

I’ve been running since February and the only times I’ve had others running next to me in the same direction was when I ran the 5K IronGirl and one day when I ran with my husband. (To his credit he never complained about my pace but cheered me on instead…)

I’m sure I’m not a complete oddity in the running culture. In fact I see lots of solitary runners as I’m out there in the morning. Maybe it’s the geographical constraints of where I run – but not many running groups frequent our neck of the suburbs.  Well – there are a few on Saturday mornings…but not many. So I’m used to seeing lone wolves like myself and the occasional pair of walkers.

As a worrywart, I naturally opted to worry about whether running alone is a bad thing. Ha. Well, I wasn’t really worried. But as I ran, I thought about why it is that I run alone.

  • I’m an introvert. I find strength in time spent by myself, reenergizing myself when I can focus on not interacting with others.
  • I never really plan my runs…I like to determine my path as I go…not necessarily retracing the exact 3 mile route I did last time. That would drive other people NUTS. I have a general idea – but the details fall into place as I go….which sort of describes how I do a lot of things.
  • I worry….about my pace, my stamina, how fast everyone else is…I’m not sure how I would stack up against other runners. I know for sure that I can’t keep up with my husband and his typical 8 min miles. But I imagine that most of my friends, while not that fast, are at least closer to Steve’s pace than mine!  I don’t know what I want people to be upset with having to slow down to be with me. That and the whole, I doubt I can talk and run at the same time without falling…
  • I do a lot of internal work while keeping the feet going. I like to listen to music without the kids demanding their favorite songs. I “write” ideas for this blog and other bits of writing projects. Lots of heavy cognitive processing.
  • Sometimes I just “fit” in the run when I can….which makes planning ahead with someone else’s schedule difficult.

But maybe I’m missing out on something….an external prompter to keep me going when I want to turn around early. A friend to share those heavy cognitive thoughts with. Someone to push me beyond my comfort zone.

I’m not opposed to running alongside a friend…I just haven’t sought out that opportunity yet…so while friendship is an active aspect of some people’s running, I wonder when I’ll catch up with that…

4 thoughts on “3 miles of musings….

  1. Jenn – I think about the same things! I will gladly/proudly run with you sometime!

  2. Back at you Steph! Definitely need to plan a run date! Of course since you run at night and I run in the am….maybe we’ll need to meet at say…2 am? 🙂

  3. OK – you are my complete twin when it comes to running. I LOVE running alone. If I don’t get enough alone time in my day, it start to get really uncomfortable. I tried running with a local group once, but hated it. Strangely, though, I love the camaraderie of races. I’m definitely a race chatter. Maybe it’s because I will never have any hope of getting a decent time. Instead I enjoy the sights, sounds, and conversation while racing.

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