Here comes the sun…

This morning’s run was fraught with meteorological issues and technical problems. I want a do over.

Given that it wasn’t a long run, I opted to get up at 6am rather than 5am. And I learned an important lesson….I prefer 5am. And perhaps long runs. Yikes!

I’m not entirely sure that today’s humidity was linked to the time of day. That is – it was better at 5am the other day – cause the other day was less humid. It was horrid this am – and I suspect it was even bad at 5am (however at that hour I was in the midst of a crazy dream…). Some days in Florida, you can walk out the front door and WHAM hit the humid wall. Other days, like today, you step outside and feel fine for a few minutes and then you slowly become aware of the sweat that is seeping out of you at a rapidly increasing pace.

So, while the sweat was starting to flow, I only made it about .1 of a mile when technology tripped me up. I’ve occasionally found the Galloway 10k app to be buggy. That is – the music is out of sync or the app thinks it’s in the middle of a workout rather than at the beginning. Usually the problem is easily resolved. Not today. I kept walking to warm up while poking at the iPod. I then switched to using Nike+GPS and a new app that just does interval timing…so I could get the walk/run reminders but that’s it.  However, that didn’t work with Nike+.  So after walking and sweating and taking the iPod’s name in vain for 1/3 of a mile, I just gave it all up and stuck with Nike+ only.

The rest of my time out there wasn’t horrid….in fact I had some success with longer running stretches. One of my small concerns about the 10K app is that it is currently set at 1 min run/1 min walk. I haven’t been able to change that setting and I’m not sure that is the ratio I want. It was good to get myself started thinking about longer distances – but I want to push myself to eventually get to a longer run portion of the ratio. Once I ignored the apps and the sweat, I was managing 3 min stretches of running for every minute of walking…which made me happy.

Not a bad run overall….and got to see another sunrise. What a treat.

2 thoughts on “Here comes the sun…

  1. I’ve been stuck on week one of the Bridge to 10k program forEVer… it’s got me doing 10minutes run/ 1minute walk (x4)… Didn’t have time for it this morning, so I just ran 30 minutes straight- but I’m thinking if I want to get those long runs in I’m going to have to start getting up at 5, too.

    My, my how the last year has changed us!

    • That is the bad part – having time to get the run in. And while I’ve been doing the 5am (okay 5:30) thing….I don’t know how long I can keep that up! 🙂 But I just keep telling myself that if I ran faster I’d be done faster! And yes – if you had told me a year ago that I’d be getting up at 5 am to run 4 miles – I’d have had you locked up at the funny farm…..

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