Chasing sunrise

Much to my surprise – I got up when my alarm went off this morning at 5am. To add to my surprise, I was ready and out the door by 5:20 am and proceeded to run 6.5 miles – my farthest distance in one run to date.

This week starts our church’s vacation bible school. I have the distinct honor of being allowed to run myself ragged as one of the assistant directors for VBS.  Having 5 busy mornings where I need to leave for church at 8 am meant that I had to rethink my running plan for the week.

So why not get up at 5 am and run while it’s cooler and allegedly less humid?

Well cause that’s just crazy…..right?  Oh that and did I mention the whole 5 am thing?

Yet – I did. I got up and ran.  And I learned some important lessons this morning…

1) Miles are still the same length at 5am as they are at 8am

Despite the feeling that things are slightly magical and different under the shimmer of the moon….it still takes going 5280 feet to make a mile. Oh well.

2) You sometimes get someone to be by your side for awhile if you need it

Just before the endorphin rush started at about mile 4.5 – I picked up a running partner. This adorable puppy (Siberian Husky) came out of nowhere to trot with me. He had a collar but no tags and he trotted with the gait of a dog who is used to walking on a leash . He kept me company for about a mile – sometimes dashing off to chase a cat. And he kept ahead of me and kept looking back as if to say “Hey – if I can keep up this pace so can you.” Eventually he just disappeared.  I hope he made it home okay.

3) You might not be able to see the dead squirrels and armadillos in the dark morning hours – but you can still smell them.

Enough said.

4) Other people do actually get up early to run. You won’t be the only one.

5) No matter how dark it seems while you’re out there….the sun does always come up on time.

And for that gift I was very grateful….what a wonderful way to start the day.