Celebrate National Running Day!

It’s National Running Day – have you put in your miles yet today?  I finished 2.53 miles after dropping off the kids at school.

How better to celebrate the day than to add a few more “things to do while running”:

#4  Be thankful

You can run – you can move – you are blessed.  A friend of mine works for the Challenged Athletes Foundation.  They recognize and support athletes with physical disabilities. Yup – people without limbs are running and biking and basically kicking my @$$ when it comes to physical activity. CAF has some very serious athletes among their ranks – people who have met a challenge head on and tackled it. Their abilities humble me and make me remember to give thanks for all I have and all that I’m able to do.

Perhaps your challenge is just getting up the nerve to get off that couch. Perhaps it’s finding shorts that fit. Whatever it is – face it. And take the opportunity to move your body.  It’s the only one you get.

#5  Enjoy your surroundings

The expression “Grow where you are planted” is an important one to me. When it comes to running – perhaps the expression should be “Run wherever you are.”  Or as one of my favorite reality tv gurus, Tim Gunn, would say, “Make it work!”

I run through my suburban neighborhoods here in suburban Florida.  Many people who don’t live in FL assume that if you live there – you either live at Disney, in a high-rise in Miami, or at the beach.  Nope – many of us live in the “boring” suburbs.  Sure I’d love to run at the beach – but that’s about an hour’s drive to a good one.  Sure I’d love to run trails in the mountains and all the splendid vistas out West.  But I run where I am.

And I enjoy it.  Yes – I like the suburbs. I get to see people I know, people I don’t.  I see babies in strollers and kids waiting at the bus stops. I see neat lawns and shrubs that need trimming. And I see lots of other people running or biking or walking….getting out there and enjoying the FL sunshine and the safe little neighborhoods around here.  How lucky I am.



So – Go get out there today and RUN.  Or at least get off the couch.  Buy some running shoes. Or check out some running websites.  But do it – think about how you can be active in some way today.