Catching up and catching my breath

I have been running – really and truly.  The last few days have been rather crazy busy but have definitely included more mileage rather than less.

Friday morning – managed to run 5K at 5:30am before the last day of VBS. And then – I ran my first (and completely accidental) fartlek during VBS. My friend, Stephanie (who is planning on running the Disney 1/2 with me) and I had to book across the church campus to help make sure things were okay….minor incident but man I was proud of how quickly we took off!

That night included a VBS wrap up party and then a long night of phone calls. My husband was supposed to fly out Saturday afternoon to New Zealand for a work conference. However a volcano in Chile had caused an ash cloud to traverse the Southern Hemisphere and prevent flights into NZ for a few days. Hence, he was on the phone with airlines trying to get rescheduled. He was up VERY late and tried to run a bit on Saturday am after a few hours of sleep. He came back after 10 mins – poor guy. So we enjoyed a quiet day as a family (went to see Cars 2 – thumbs up).

Sunday included two trips to the airport – 1) to pick up my mom who is visiting for the week and helping out while Steve is gone and 2) to drop off Steve for his trip. Whew.

Needless to say – between VBS (which was awesome but tiring) and packing and rescheduling trips and playing airport taxi – I was a little worn out. So what’s the best remedy for tiredness?  That’s right – getting up at 5am to run.

So – I managed 4 miles this morning at 5:40 (Okay so I hit the snooze button)…..I’ve decided I need to break out of the 1 min run/1 min walk pattern….cause my body is starting to “give up” 45 sec into the run. So I’m running “blind” to the clock. But still doing the Galloway walk breaks. I think it’s working out better. The runs are more like 2 mins (I peeked at the time of course)….and I’d like to get that up a bit more like I used to do….but one day at a time.

On a related note – I have to say I’m a little jealous of my husband…he packed the running gear of course. So he gets to run in the Southern Hemisphere…..kinda neat map he’ll have added to his Garmin data.  Our 7 year old son think that people on the “bottom” of the world are walking around upside down. So running upside down sounds like a pretty cool experience. And much better than the running crazy I’ve been doing for the last few days. Hope this week is better….

Happy mileage y’all!

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