3 miles and tons of sweat

Managed a good run today. Not super fast. But I felt better about the run portions of my run/walk pattern than I have in awhile.

However, I can’t run from the reality that this is June – in Florida. And the humidity is here for several more months.

I like the dry-wicking shorts for running. But I prefer to run in light cotton shirts – so I can mop my sweaty head at discrete intervals. With each wipe of sweat, I would think that one day I want to run topless. Well – not completely topless  – remember being that I’m blessed at the breast that is a “never gonna happen” idea. That and I’m not that kind of girl. (Nope – not going to be like the crazy people who run the Bare Hare Duathalon – completely naked!)

But I’d secretly love to be one of those women who can run in a cool looking sports bra with no top on – sweat be damned. You know the ones – the woodland nymphs who don’t sport a muffin top in running shorts. As one who is sporting a whole quickbread loaf or two around my middle, I am quite envious.

I’m not really delusional enough to think I’ll ever have abs worthy of pulling off the sports bra only look. But I still hang onto that goal in the back of my head….and perhaps if I keep sweating like this through the FL summer months, I can just wipe away those pounds slowly but surely.