Waiting for the weight loss…

Friend A: “When I started running, the pounds just dropped off of me.”

Friend B: “When C (a mutual friend) started running, she really lost weight fast.”

Wii Fit Plus:  “You are overweight.  You’ve, in fact, gained 2 pounds since you last stood on the Wii Balance Board.  Please step down now, as my circuits are weary.”

Okay – so the Wii wasn’t quite that explicit…but was still certainly not friendly this morning. For the record, I hadn’t been on the Wii Balance Board in about 200 days – so I think it kinda missed me. Ha.

Running is my new healthy habit. And I’m very excited about all this. I like running. I actually feel good about sweating it out and moving faster than I usually do. And I feel like I’m getting stronger bit by bit. Heck – I beat a lot of my previous “scores” on the Wii Fit today. My balance is better and I rocked the 30 mins of yoga I did on it.

But I’m not feeling any obvious weight loss benefits as a result. And clearly my friends are stymied by my lack of weight loss. The frequent response is “Well you’re gaining MUSCLE.”  Apparently I’m gaining muscles made of concrete rather than human tissue and biological parts!

I suppose I know all the things to do – eat less (check), drink more water (swimming in it!), write down everything you put in your mouth (um okay but that’s hard to do when you’re the mommy), eat less carbs (okay), eat more carbs and less fat (um, okay?), chew each bite 400 times (what??), just think about eating but don’t do it (yeah right), eat like a caveman (???), eat lots of veggies (okay), eat no veggies but only tofu and flax seed (???), and of course the “give us $$$ and we’ll get you thin!” (sure).

Obviously the weight loss industry is full of ideas – some of which are hilariously contradictory. I need to settle on a method that will truly convince my fat cells that they are being served a permanent eviction notice. If I find it – I’ll let you know. But I will keep at it.

In the meantime – I take to heart what the crossing guard said to me on the way up to school this morning:  “Aw honey – you are looking so thin, you’re running, right?  Good job!”