This warrants a shopping trip…

What a haul!

The odds of going to the store for a loaf of bread and coming out with only a loaf of bread are three billion to one.  ~Erma Bombeck

I’m thinking that Erma’s quote can be modified for the runner. “The odds of going to the running store for a pair of shoes and coming out with only a pair of shoes are three billion to one.”

Shopping!!  I love to shop (well, except for bathing suits of course…)

Steve and I headed out for a day of errands including a stop at a running store on the other side of town. Fit 2 Run is just a really cool store and if you live near one of their Florida locations – definitely check them out. (Side note: I obviously would not have made that statement just a year ago, but things change….)  Steve had logged almost 500 miles on his old pair of running shoes so a new pair was definitely in order.

Fit 2 Run has two stations to help identify what types of shoes would work best for you. So he first stepped up on the “footsie-tootsie” analyzer (okay not the official name but better than “black box you step on”).  This analyzes how evenly balanced you are, where all your pressure is, and what your arch is like. Can you spot the issue in Steve’s feet?

Analysis of Hubby's Feet

It seems that he has no middle to his feet – just a really high arch. There’s clearly pressure at the ball and heel and just black holes between those two zones! Hence the guy suggested an orthotic insert (of course they sell those).

The next step was analyzing his gait on the treadmill. My husband is not one for treadmills but he managed to pound out a minute or so – while wearing some new shoes they loaned him.

Treadmill time!

After a discussion of his pronation type (I don’t know – I wasn’t paying attention)….they found a few options for him to try on. Found a pair of New Balance that he liked a lot – and they felt even better with the orthotics inside.

Given my recent plantar pains, I asked the guy if I could get my foot analyzed for inserts too.  Turns out that I do not have black holes between the balls and heels of my feet – but I could definitely pick up some inserts to help with my arch support.

Of course one pair of running shoes and two sets of inserts seemed so little when there were so many other cool things to look at in the store. Also picked up all 6 flavors of Clif Shot Gel (razz, citrus, strawberry – Steve; vanilla, mocha, and chocolate – me), 2 dri-fit shirts for Steve and a water bottle for me.

Can’t wait to run on the treadmill when I need some new shoes….but will give the credit card a break for a bit…


3 thoughts on “This warrants a shopping trip…

  1. Jenn, this is great! I’m definitely going to visit Fit 2 Run. Found out right after I started running that I have shin splints and I was told it was because of the shoes I was wearing. I love the idea of a store that can diagnose the type of shoe that will be the best match for your foot. Really cool! Keep up the writing! I’m loving it. Plus, I love shopping so anytime you write about spending money, well, I’m all about it. LOL!

  2. Ack! Plantar pains! Deb can tell you about hers, which were far worse than mine, but my marathon training this year was completely derailed by the dreaded plantar pains. I switched shoes, which helped the plantar pain, but the new shoes cause Achilles tendonitis. So it was a choice of which tendon I wanted to hurt. I got through the marathon with a final month of rest instead of training and by wearing two totally different shoes, but the tendonitis was still a major problem. After reading so much about the barefoot/natural running movement and so many testimonials about how it fixed plantar pain, I bought a pair of “barefoot” running shoes. I haven’t built up to running in them yet (do that too fast and you are begging for injuries), but I wear them exclusively when I am not running. I have not had a single pain since buying them. I’ve been able to wear a matched pair of running shoes, my feet and calves are stronger and more flexible, and the groundfeel is amazing. Listen to doctors first, but if all else fails, give some natural, zero-drop running shoes a try as your day-to-day casual shoes. I am a total believer! I wear Merrell Trail Gloves and love everything about them, but there are a growing number of companies making zero-drop shoes out there.

  3. Tom – thanks for the insight about the barefoot “solution”….while at the store, Steve tried on a pair of Vibram Five-fingers for fun. (say that 10x fast)….they didn’t really fit his skinny foot well – but he had tried a pair of Merrill’s a few days prior (not sure which kind). Ironically my planar feels better when I wear heels (a good stretch) – the problem is that I can not walk well in heels! But it would be interesting to see how the barefoot might help in that regard….definitely keeping it in mind! Thanks!

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