The freedom to run 5K

I am a wimp. Of course maybe anyone might be a wimp when trying to run at 9am in Florida in the summer. It took me way too long and I walked more than I would like. But as I ran safely around my neighborhood, I gave thanks for the freedom I have to run or to do whatever I would like to.

There are those who would be able to shoulder pounds of cargo, put on fatigues, combat boots and run the distance I did without a second thought. There are those who have run not for pleasure – but to run at the enemy and take them down.  There are those who have run towards their fellow soldiers to save them.  There are those who have run straight at danger and do so bravely and willingly.

It is because of those men and women who serve in our military, it is because of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, it is because of bravery and those who run to the fight – because of all of these, I have the freedom to live as I choose here in the United States of America.  I pray for those who serve and their families.  Thank you for all that you do.