For all the ladies out there…

Any male readers of this blog may want to avert their eyes for this post.  It’s not an advertisement for tampons or feminine itch – but it’s still a very female topic.

So ladies, does it hurt when you run? You know what I mean.  Do you bounce around on top like there is an out of control pair of oversized hacky sacks attached on your front? Welcome to what I think is the number one problem for women who run – being *ahem* blessed at the breast (batb for short).

As someone who is batb – I know it’s one of the many factors that made me a non-runner for all those years.  While I can fill out a strapless dress nicely, physical activity is not what those puppies are designed for. Who wants to run around and potentially whap yourself in the face with a free-flying body part? The drag of gravity in front can be just downright painful.

The worst is that traditional sports bras are just flat out not made for large chested women.  Occasionally, places like and Runner’s World will post reviews of the “3 best sports bras” out there.  Ha. Those are all designed for those lithe little things who run like woodland nymphs. Anyone who is batb and who has tried out those bras can attest to the horror and experience at the sporting goods store. I once got my arm so wedged in the straps that I was afraid I was going to have to scream for my husband to break down the dressing room door or die an embarrassing death. (Strangulation by awkward sports bra moment is probably not going to be a winner of an episode for CSI.)

But all has changed.  Clearly someone has got the right idea.  Lynx Sportswear has developed the most amazing sports bra ever. (And no I don’t get a cut of their sales….but I strongly recommend their product!) You can even “like” them on Facebook.

I first saw Lynx Sportswear at the running expo at Disney in January.  (See all good things come from Disney…) They were talking all about the no bounce bra – and the product seemed really good. There was a stall for you to try one on – but our time at the expo was limited by the emptiness of the kids’ stomachs. I took a flyer (with coupon!) and ordered one a few weeks later.

The difference is incredible. When I ordered it – it was merely for going to the gym. The material, the cut, and the look all work together for an amazing fit.  The fit and the support were helpful in my decision to start running. No other sports bra stops the jiggles as effectively, as comfortably, and in such a light weight fashion. If only they made underwear to stop the jiggles on the other end…..but I digress.

If you are a woman who is batb – definitely check them out.  And if you are a lithe woodland nymph like woman – I totally envy you.  But I can run alongside you, now with 100% less bounce.  Finally!

6 thoughts on “For all the ladies out there…

  1. Well, you know I am also batb (no woodland nymph here, darn it!) and can’t wait to order my Lynx sports bra. 🙂 However I disagree about one thing, I think “CSI: the dressing room mystery” would be a great episode, maybe even a mini-series. 🙂

  2. Oh, lady. I am DEVOTED to Moving Comfort sports bras. You can go on their website & choose the style suited to your size & activity type. The high impact style are ALL I will wear. If you’re looking for another one to try…

  3. I’ve heard good things said about the sports bras at Title 9. Haven’t tried any… not so, ahem, gifted, here…

  4. Thanks Jessica and Cheryl! I do have a drawer full of “also-tried” bras….like a drawer of shattered dreams. Ha. But as much as I LOVE my Lynx bra – I’m always glad to hear about other options.

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