…add a sprinkling of friends to motivate…

Over the last few years, I’d begun to notice that I actually knew more runners than I thought. They were secretly going about life as moms of my kids’ friends. They seem like normal folks, volunteering at the schools, and easy to chat with as we’d wait at pick up. But as I listened longer, I realized they were speaking a foreign language. Talk about Garmin watches, shoes, and Disney races. (The Disney races were a common theme.)

Sometimes I would look at their race pictures on Facebook….wondering who in the world could run for that many miles….even at Disney – the happiest place on earth :). And I’d marvel at the stickers and magnets on their cars.  “Runner Girl” and “13.1” didn’t really mean much to me at the time. But it was a glimpse into something intriguing. And while I would vigorous shake my head and reiterate my line about only running from bears, I have to admit that I wondered if I had what it took to run like they all did.

So June and Jill – here’s a little shout out to you guys. As two of the first friends to kick-start my interest in running. Thank you my friends.