4.31 miles or so

So that’s according to my Nike+ on my ipod touch. Today was my “long” run which should be on a Saturday but time management is for another post!

Since my 5K in April, I found I wasn’t sure how to proceed with running.  Just go out and come back when tired? Well that seemed like a recipe for quitting. So I started reading about Jeff Galloway’s take on training which involves alternating walking and running. His technique is great for avoiding injuries and is designed to keep you stronger at the end of your goal distance. It also is similar to where I got started with the Couch to 5K program. And hey – I like walking. It suits me.

The difficulty with such programs is that you are supposed to do things like walk for 1 minute and run for 1 minute. And then alternate. Seems like a lot of clock watching. But such transitions are easy thanks to the modern technology of apps. Gotta love the apps.

Jeff Galloway has produced two apps – one for training for a 5K and one for training for a 10K. I just finished week 2 of his 10K app. My plan is to work through this program this summer and then get geared up for training for the 1/2 in the fall. So far so good.

On another note – I decided to check out how well those gel packs help with getting through a run. I must admit always shaking my head at Steve’s little packets. They seemed a little…well like you’d be eating toothpaste. I opted for a Mocha flavored Clif Shot Gel.  My my. Not at all toothpaste. Imagine melted Hershey’s kisses mixed with coffee!  Yummy!  Not sure that it gave me any more energy – but I certainly thought a lot about Hershey’s kisses while I ran this evening. Will have to check out their chocolate flavor too. I might have started this whole running thing sooner if someone had pointed out all the opportunities for chocolate…