2.63 miles plus accessories

The tools of the suburban running mom

Not a bad run this morning – a little hot but it is May in Florida after all.

Was better able to hear Jeff Galloway’s encouragement, thanks to new ear buds for the ipod. And didn’t feel as hot as I carried my new Nathan hand held water bottle full of ice water. Add of course the sunglasses and the ipod and the hair band – I’m practically a sherpa of running gear.

If you search the internet for “how to start running” the only thing they tell you that you really is a good pair of running shoes and comfortable clothes. All the other accessories are just the whipped cream and drizzle on the cafe mocha. You don’t really need it but it seems to make things look more complete.

Of course maybe the runners who just throw on shoes and pound out miles without a thought about music or apps or hydration probably have it correct. Just run for the sake of running, no equipment, no fancy gear – just your feet moving along the ground. I have to admit that sprinting with my kids at the events at field day the other week was fun – just running for the sake of running. ┬áBut for now, I’ll stay tethered to my accessories…..